Native Audio is a true multi-purpose facility for all your tv and film production needs. Designed and built by some of the best in the business. Our Auckland, New Zealand based facility has 4 sound suites, 3 vocal booths, adr stage, foley stage and 100m2 live room. All rooms are networked to each other and the machine room, creating a streamlined workflow throughout the facility. Source Connect links us to the rest of the world and a Gigabit fibre connection means we can send and receive files at the fastest possible speeds.

We employ a rigorous security policy to ensure your media is protected.


  • Suite 1  : 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing Stage, Large Vocal Booth/ADR Room, 100m2 Live Room, Foley Room
  • Suite 2 : Stereo Mix Suite, Vocal Booth
  • Edit 1 : 5.0 Editing & Sound Design, Vocal Booth
  • Edit 2 : Stereo Editing and Sound Design


p - +64 9 3777 669
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m - 14 Minnie St, Eden Tce, Auckland 1021, NZ

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