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Just like tv and film, gaming has its own unique workflow and requirements. We understand this workflow and have the perfect setup and expertise to bring your game to life. Be it dialogue or sound design to voice casting and direction we have everything you need. Over 20 years we have built up an extensive sound fx database and on the off chance we don’t have it we will go out and get it. We pull from our film and television experiences and use sound to help tell the story ; not get in the way of it. We use our main suite for recording and mixing and offer a competitive rate in our edit suite to manage all the media assets, which can be incredibly large.


Interactive and Web We hear this a lot – “Its just for the web”, or “It’s for mobile, sound’s not important”. This is so far from the truth! Due to the severe compressions and conversions the audio will go through before it is heard by your end user then it is absolutely essential to come and see us to have your audio cleaned up and handled with the care it deserves before it gets sent out into small speakers and fired around the globe, down a tiny wire or through the air. These formats also need to be mastered differently from film or tv to ensure it translates properly in the big bad world. So much of what we hear on the web or delivered on our phones and tablets is overly compressed , distorted and quite frankly ruined. The tolerance and expectation from your audience has changed and, “It’s just for the web” doesn’t cut it anymore. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and deliver your content with a professional polish.




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